Started in 1999 with a vision to provide the best and up to date fabric in the tricity. Customer satisfaction has always been a priority and we make sure we fulfill that always thats our motto.

Stepping into fabrics was a great challenge and getting a hold on to finest fabrics in town was a major task. It all started with one vision to give the customer the best. It was a tough game in initial years but now we have the biggest variety of fabrics available. Now , after years of work, we have a wide variety of formal wear , dressers and exquisite fabric.

Shop Owner: K.L Kumar

“If we keep our customers happy , they will keep us in business.” The apt line which we always have followed and which has brought us here. We hold a brand which specializes in own designer suits and fabrics embroidered by our craft workers. I am sure you will surely get a grasp on to something and we wont let you go empty handed from our collection.

Shop owner : J R Kumar